Project Requirements:

  • Must use React/Redux
  • Must have reducers, actions, action types
  • Must use styled components, CSS framework, or vanilla CSS. If it is not styled, it will not be considered complete.
  • Must be mobile responsive for 3 break points. Computer, tablet, phone. Work in mobile first then scale up.
  • Must contain color swatches and theme for your application.
  • All input fields must be controlled either with the redux store or local state. All important data must be stored in the redux store.
  • Deploy on Heroku or Netlify
  • If you used a data file before, you must upload that to a…

Project Requirements:

  • React / Redux / React Router
  • Reducers, Actions, Action types all split up into their own separate files.
  • Fully Mobile responsive.
  • Completely styled from start to finish.
  • Use 3rd party API, or call data from personal data file. (Must be loaded in from the redux store.)
  • Medium article
  • Enough components that it makes sense.
  • Color swatches for the design of your website. Go to for inspiration for your design.
  • Create a 404 not found error component that renders whenever the user enters or navigates to something that is not a correct route or error.

The Idea Behind the Design

The whole idea started for…

DevKit was a joint venture taken on by myself and some of my cohort-mates at DigitalCrafts Software Development Bootcamp. As part of our Full Stack project, we were instructed to build a website that has core functionalities across front-end and back-end.

As the project manager for this task, boy was it a difficult one. I don’t have an issue handling things that I’m proficient in, but being a project manager for something that I’m not totally competent in was a challenge within itself.

We wanted to try and create a little something similar to Quizlet, but for the Software Development…

Today I finished up some of the last touches of my API Project. Thinking about back to when we started, I’ve come a loooooonggg way. I’m super excited to be taking this journey into software programming, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

I wasn’t able to get as much done on this project as I would have liked to. I work at a fairly slow pace, and I get hung up on things REALLY easily at the moment. Because of that, I feel like I wasn’t really able to do what I wanted completely.

I’m going to include some pictures of the finished website down below, a couple parts of my website include gifs, which you won’t be able to see in the screenshots below, but you can always go check the website out!!

Carlo Carbonell

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