DevKit was a joint venture taken on by myself and some of my cohort-mates at DigitalCrafts Software Development Bootcamp. As part of our Full Stack project, we were instructed to build a website that has core functionalities across front-end and back-end.

As the project manager for this task, boy was it a difficult one. I don’t have an issue handling things that I’m proficient in, but being a project manager for something that I’m not totally competent in was a challenge within itself.

We wanted to try and create a little something similar to Quizlet, but for the Software Development world. The idea behind DevKit is to basically be a study tool for Software Developers. The first initial page is the Home page, with bits of information about the website itself.

Screenshot of the Front Page. It’s a bit stretched but I had to do that to get it all to fit.

We tried our best to model something similar to Quizlet, without making something identical to Quizlet. On our website, you have the ability to create an account, and once done, you can create notes and flashcard sets. The flashcard sets are only accessible through the notes page. Once you create a Note, you can create a Flashcard Set that corresponds to that note.

The Notes page was going to be used for more advanced topics within the Software Development world. When I was learning my way through Digital Crafts, there were certain terms specific to software development like “Concatenation”. The notes page would be an example of where you can capture and explain exactly what something like concatenation means, and then you can create flashcards to correspond with that, that may answer simple questions.

DevKit is a highly customizable study tool that almost anyone can use. You don’t necessarily have to be apart of the Software Development world in order to gain something from DevKit. If you need a study tool, we’ve got it.

Below I will add some screenshots for the rest of the project.

User Registration Page
User Login Page
Notes Page
Data Flow for our Database

Collaborators: Frankie Ferbrache, Zachary Antosko, Tatien Miller, and Jorge Gonzalez.